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Mr Ghost NFT utility - Maiar Friends Rewards - MxGhosts

NFTs rewards

Set your Mr Ghost NFT as avatar in Maiar app and become a @gokai friend to get 1 free Mr Ghost NFT per month!
No friends in Maiar? Add Gokai as friend with the +66949486177.
Mr Ghost NFT utility - Learn2Earn Rondle - MxGhosts


You can now play in Rondle dApp from Effort Economy and earn $RONDLE,MxGhosts tokens and NFTs from several exciting MultiversX blockchaiMaiar Ghoststs!
Mr Ghost NFT utility - Superciety Gokai DAO - MxGhosts


Participate in the governance and take the strategic decisions for the organisation! Join our DAO on Superciety to be able to vote.
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